A great facts of Cambodian indigenous custom for living

How many years ahead that these people can remain their custom and culture like this? It is so amazing to see how they can make their living that is depending only natural resources.

I think this is one part of Cambodian custom and culture that we need to be conservative for the long future and the new generations can know and learn about their custom and culture.

It is also can be great view for tourists to explore about Cambodia indigenous people life.

Here below is a corner of harvest timber from the forest's indigenous communities that I would like you to see, it is very interesting right?

Natural resources and land is very essential for indigenous communities such as forest, water fountain, where they can find vegetables, traditional animals hunting, plucked vine rattan or bamboo shifting cultivation etc...

I suggest you all that if you have time when visiting Cambodia, these people's life can be great for your experiences from Cambodia. You can arrange with your travel agent's in Cambodia to find place like this so that you can experience about it. These can be in Ratanakiri province or Mundulkiri province of Cambodia.

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