Cambodian people's life at the market Cambodia

Walking and buying at the market in Cambodia it is an amazing things to do I can tell you!

Yesterday I had time to go around one of markets in one of provinces in Cambodia called Stung Treng to buy things I need.

It was a great experiences I never done before. Markets in Cambodia, especially in the provinces like this, it is not a great place to go, I mean the environment around of the market, it is not like a supermarket in the cities.

 A seller is selling fishes at the market

But it is what I like doing. I like seeing people in the market and how their lifestyle to be! And great here I can find many natural things as well.

I saw a lot of sellers somehow they are looked very enjoyable to their life and job in selling stuffs in the market, and they are friendly talking to us with greet of smile.

In the market I can see the daily life of these people and how hard of their life making. Most of people they just sell what they have from their own, for example: vegetable, fishes...etc. and they earn not much a day. But I still see their face, they are happy to their life.

I suggest, if you visit Cambodia, visiting the market can be a great things for you to do in Cambodia. As I mentioned above, it is not a good place to see but it can be a lot things to learn about Cambodia's lifestyle and a great experience too.

Wish you have good sight in Cambodia!

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