Eating Cambodian breakfast in the street food stores in Cambodia

People in Cambodia usually have breakfast at the market or restaurants, especially who live in the downtown, but people in the countryside mostly they cook by themselves or the left over rice from yesterday.

This morning, I really enjoyed my breakfast out with my wife and my son at very small canteen a long the street in downtown where I have lived in.

Rice with pork (Bay Sach Chrouk)

There are many kind of breakfast choices at that place such as rice soup, noodle and soup, rice, Khmer noodle...etc. But the one I chose was rice with pork and my wife chose noodle soup and coffee as her favorite one. 

Rice with pork is usually prepared from rice, some sliced pork and vegetable on it. We also are provided additionally simple soup and sauce to eat with. And the soup noodle it just simple noodle and soup together, but they are looked great.

These kind of breakfast cost not expensive, this morning we just paid only 11000 Riel for a plate of rice with pork, soup noodle and a cup of coffee.

 Soup noodle

When you come to Cambodia, if you would like to try these breakfast, go just go and find places on the street every where downtown of Cambodia. Or tell motortaxi to bring you to where can find this one. You can learn how to call these:

Rice with pork = Bay Sach chrouk(Bai sa:ch chruk) in Khmer
Soup Noodle  = Mee soup

I still believe that if you try these thing for your breakfast, it makes you an extra experience from your Cambodia's trip.

Have a nice try!

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