Eating chicken BBQ, papaya salad with sticky rice in the palm leave box with just 10000 riel= 2.5 $US

Here what I never see before in Cambodia, food truck that sell food in the public area. Now I want to bring you to Battambang province of Cambodia with that new thing called food truck.

It is a new idea of a guy to run his business recently with food truck and this have been attracting many customers to eat there daily.

From this food truck you can have chicken BBQ, papaya salad with sticky rice in the palm leave box that cost only 2.5 US dollars.

The last time i went there, I had an opportunity to eat that food, it was so good I can tell you. I really loved the BBQ, papaya salad and sticky rice, the three together became very special dish to have.

I think this is another new things in Battambang province. Eating from this food truck can be a great experience for all of you who come to visit Cambodia either to Battambang province.

Battambang province was considered place that have many things to attract tourist to come, and the best second place which good to live in Cambodia.

So, I just suggest you all if have time in Battambang, do not forget to try the BBQ, papaya salad and sticky rice from this food truck.

Now, I found that this food truck also have a Facebook page, if you to know more about it just see through the link:

Pictures source: Mekong Chicken BBQ page

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