Facts about the 5 smart phones which are going to release at the end of 2015

A half of the year 2015 is now already nearly gone and the top series luxury flagship of the big phone companies also get nearly officially to be appeared. Obviously the top of the phone that the public is looking forward to the iPhone 6S, Galaxy Note and Nexus 5...

The following are the properties and benefits that emerge from past reports and rumors:

1) iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus iPhone 6C 
Generally iPhone is always announced the next generation of iPhone during September.Some rumors have suggested that the next iPhone suspected of going out again three models of iPhone 6S, 6S Plus and iPhone 6C.

iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus is expected with 12MP camera technology with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), while the current iPhone 6. Previous reports said that Apple may enter the OIS function on the iPhone 6S.

Whereas Apple iPhone 6 Plus is already integrated OIS iPhone 6S Plus will also have this function.IPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is equipped executive A8 processor and 1GB of RAM. IPhone 6S / 6S Plus A9 processor and 1.5GB or 2GB of RAM.

2) Galaxy Note 5 
Note lineup remains the tablet dock, which gained popularity because the screen size is large enough as a hybrid between a smartphone and a tablet. Note 5 will share a new generation after 4years ago of Note 4 releasing.

Samsung's top tablet dock is expected to be attached properties such as: 5.9-inch screen 2K Super AMOLED equipped executive and Octa-Core Exynos 7422 level Note 5 will run on Android. Samsung claims that the Galaxy Note 5 Edge Double Oblique curved screen can be used as the Galaxy S6 Edge ..

3) 5 2015 or Nexus LG Bullhead 
Google smartphone Nexus on October 6, 2014, and began to release in November 2014 already. Nexus 5 will be released in October 2013, sales and distribution in November 2013.

So it can not be any surprise if the Nexus 2015 Series 5 actually issued in October 2015.

4) LG G4 Pro
LG G4 Pro smartphone's another top after LG launched LG G4 on the market so far. LG G4 Pro is expected to be announced during the 2nd quarter of 2015.

Some reports suggested that the G4 Pro 16MP camera, screen, 4GB of RAM, ranging from 5.7-inch to 5.9-inch, which is expected to be able to challenge the iPhone 5 and Galaxy Note 6S.

5) OnePlus 2 
Smartphone model OnePlus get the support of the Chinese people strongly. China OnePlus phone company introduced a smartphone in April 2014.

So far, it has more than 1 year. Expected OnePlus will display its achievements OnePlus 2 in Q3 2015.Chinese smartphone will have a 5.5-inch (2560 × 1440) px, 4GB of RAM, camera 16MP, 5MP camera, the energy level 330mAh.

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