How to change from using the Android operating system to Windows Phone with the simplest way

I believe that normally when you decided to use which OS (operating system), and you properly has always been accustomed to use it, and do not want to change it, because it is not easy to do data transmission and tossed it, because if it is changing, the program that you prefer to use will be lost and need to enter again, too.

But what I am sharing here, is what I found recently and I also tried with my phone, I love it, so still it's up to you, but if you would like to do it, hope this will help everyone.

While the Windows 10 nearly releases to use in the soon coming date, and if you decide that you want to change the use of the mobile OS from Android to Windows Phone is no longer a difficult problem.

In order to attract Android to be converted to use Windows, Microsoft has released a free download app  (are put into test now) called «Switch to Windows Phone» that can help process the transmitted data such as Contacts, images, data and many other access to the operating system of Windows easily.

The first step you need to download that program for your phone first  (both Android and Windows) through link to Google Play and Windows Phone Store. After downloading, you can open the program to choose a method of data transmission that you are interested in, there are 2 options.

You go through: WiFi or OneDrive. With WiFi, you can connect via wireless (wireless) to transmit data from one phone to another. According OneDrive you can transmit data to the cloud service Microsoft's first, and then forwarded to your Windows Phone handset.If any program after already sent may not work, you can download additional programs (third-party) in order to complete the program, it will be able to use as normal.

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