How to get information for your retirement in Cambodia

If, today, you jump to searching about the best places to live when you are retired, you will see many information will tell you Cambodia now became one of many countries in the world that counted and listed to be the best place for retirement's havens.

Talk about foreign retirement people come to live in Cambodia, it is not so realizing to Cambodian people, even me I never heard about it before. Recently, I met a retired man from New zealand, He came to Cambodia to explore things that He can write information on his website for who are seeking a perfect retirement location in Cambodia, he explained me everything about it.

He told me, now Cambodia is another good place after Malaysia for a perfect place for foreign retirement people to live. And he mentioned that, after visiting some location around Cambodia, Kampot province is the best place (that is just his mentioning).

Moreover, this is just something very interesting to me, and would be to many of Khmer people too. I do not have any information about that but, just would like you to go to different website that mostly they are providing retirement information that you can check them out by yourself.

  1. (This is Shaun's site that I met him accidentally at the market recently, that he told some about this)
  2. (It is linked with too)
 So, hoping that these sites will be useful and helpful for searching, I love to see this kind of service in our country and hope the government will think about and how to make the law about it too.

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