How to help your hair become beautifully straight in 3 simple natural ways!

Hair looks beautifully and well-straight is what women in the world desire. A lot of women they have different ways to get it, some spend a lot of money to the hair care.

To avoid the use of heat and a straight perm that easily causes hair damage, you should switch to use ways that can make your hair healthy.

However, there are a lot of ways that can make straight hair, including the use of drugs and the heat of the pressure, but with these way these hair can be devastating to the health of your hair quickly.

Fortunately, there are some good ways that can make your curly hair or waves by using a natural and healthy without having to use heat and chemicals, including:

1. Comb your wet to dry
After shampoo, you should comb your every 5 minutes until dry, you can sit in front of a fan and comb tender which can make hair dry.

2. Roll your hair 
You should use thick rounded comb to pull your hair wet from the scalp down slowly in within 5 minutes, because this can cause your hair waves became straight gradually.

3. Make Natural remedy for hair 
You can create hair straight by combining milk with honey. You need to take a cup of milk mixed with a spoon of honey, stir this mixture and then shampoo it on your hair well. This can not only help keep your hair natural, but also can help keep your hair healthy.

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