How to keep you body slim with 5 different kind of teas

I believe, slimming is one things that most of women desire to be and it is also one of men favorites to see their partners to be.

To be slim sometimes it is very hard for us to do or practice and also there are plenty ways that you can search on the internet and they will tell how.

In this article I just would like to bring you a simple ways to help keep your body slim. It is also easy thing to do that not requiring you to take any hard commitment to do so.

I recently read an article about how to keep you slim with teas. It was interesting to me, so I really would like to bring you a try and moreover, I think they will not effect to our health as well, because it is just teas.

If you love tea, that is not a problem, just keep drinking as your favorite and it's helpful to your body, so you can receive two benefits.

Here are the 5 kind of teas you can try:

1) Green tea 
It is the best tea in helping weight loss because it contains ingredients called polyphenols, which can dissolve triglycerides in your body.

2)  Mint tea
It can help speed up the process in the digestive system and helps burn calories, and even can control your hanger.

3) Black Chinese tea  (Oolong)
Black tea called Oolong is rich in antioxidants, which help to check levels of cholesterol in the heart and helps burn fat.

4) Rose tea
Rose flowers were used as a traditional medicine to ensure weight well. Rose tea are prepared by mixing with fresh rose flowers. Especially the Rose flowers can help prevent constipation.

5) Black tea
Black tea made of a plant, known as Camellia Sinensis, and it is popular all around the world that people like it. Black tea can help control blood sugar levels and prevent the symptoms abdominal movement and it can help you to lose weight.

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