How to logout Facebook messenger on your Android or iSO phone

You are using the social network Facebook may have met some problems that could not Log Out the Facebook Messenger app on your iSO and Android phone or devices, because there was no place to logout from the old account.

Believes that a lot of people who had used iPhone of Android phone already met the problem and perhaps because of so, one way you used to do was to uninstalled Messenger application installed and then reinstalled the app again to solve the problem.

Here are the simple and easy tips to Log Out Facebook Messenger app on iPhone and Android devices

1- Logout from Facebook Messenger on iPhone or iSO devices 

- Go to Settings on Facebook Messenger application to the Terms of Service and the search for a link called "platform page" and click on it. It is a link to the FB page developers in the upper right and click on the profile to Log Out is optional.

- Another way you can go directly to the Facebook app on the iPhone, and click on the menu bar then click on More → Settings → Security → Active Sessions, or click on this Link once.

This page shows the activity of a Facebook account's user. Finally, click on the cross (X) to delete the ready.

2- Logout from FB Messenger on Android phone or devices

- Go to Settings → Application manager slider for Messenger and click on it. Finally, you simply click on the button Clear data is ready.

Test FB Messenger on Android phone again, you will see a pop-up tab Welcome to Messenger, and there are two options, Log in an account to leave Random and another option is Switching Account.

- Another way is to go through the Facebook app on Android phones and direct access to the Terms & Policies in the Settings section of the app, and click on More Resources → Platform and move to the location of your Profile to click Log Out is optional.

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