Salad fruit shake drink- Street drink in Cambodia

Here is what I like the most when I feel so tired from the whole day working or playing sport. It always bring me back energy immediately, it is called fruit shake.

Fruit shake here maybe looks different a little bit from what you used to have in your country. It is made of many fruits mixed together, some sugar, some coconut milk, some milk or even sometimes people love adding an egg in it to be more delicious and after that it is shaken with ice...

It can be ordered in different flavors as you love through kind of fruits.

In Cambodia, a lot of people like this drink. And I also have seen a lot of foreigners enjoyed drinking this drink.

To find this salad fruit shake is easy. You can find everywhere at the market in Cambodia where people selling sweet or dessert.

And if you would like it, just easy to tell them in Khmer " Teuk Krolok" means "Water shake". It usually costs only 2500 Riel per plastic cup (just only at the normal market). In tourist areas or modern restaurants in Cambodia it can cost 1 dollar per cup.

In Cambodia, it is very popular during the hot season. When we are thirty or exhausted it is the best to gain our energy back.

Some tourists came to Cambodia asked "what are special about Cambodia?" It can be some answer about this or that, but the best way to find by just trying what interesting you! and I believe you will find it.

So Let try this drink if you have chance to catch it somewhere around Cambodia.

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