The facts about grape for health

I love eating grape in my life, but so far I have never known about its benefits. Today I found amazing things and the facts about the grape that I love.

Grape, actually, is one of expensive fruits here in Cambodia. Because it can not grow well in Cambodia, eventually now can grow in Battambang, but it mostly just for making red wine only, so we need to import from other countries.

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So I would like to share some points of its facts and benefits and I hope you all will enjoy eating more after reading this.

1. Cancer Prevention 
Antioxidants that brings wine can help prevent some types of cancer, such as lung, mouth, throat, uterus, pancreas and prostate.

2. Anti-inflammatory
Fiber and potassium in vintage anti-inflammatory may help reduce the risk of blood clots and cardiovascular health.

3. Prevent high blood pressure rising
Did you know that potassium has many benefits for your physical health, if low levels of potassium can cause disease, high blood pressure skyrocketing. Therefore, you should eat grapes because potassium broth can help prevent high blood pressure skyrocketing.

4. Facilitate defecation
If you have problems, constipation can eat with wine to facilitate defecation.

5. Allergic reaction 
Eating grapes may help reduce allergic symptoms such as runny nose, water eyes and rashes, hives.

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