Top 5 the most peaceful countries in the world

We observed that today there are problem of violence, turmoil and war often take place in countries across the world. But does not mean that all countries meet all such matters.

Here we found the top 5 countries that have peace in the world:

1. Iceland 
It is an island of peace in the world and it has no troops stationed forces. Meanwhile, Iceland has been regarded as a developed country that has the world's most high-welfare system, education and health care to its citizens well.

2. Denmark
Not only is a peaceful country but also the world's most exciting place to go. People in this country like to create love and love peace.

3. New Zealand 
It Has been known as a country with good weather, beautiful scenery, purity and peace, especially the people there are very friendly.

4. Austria
It is a great country that always support NATO actions in managing peace and cooperate actively rescue operations in the disaster area who encounter.

5. Switzerland 
Not only is a country of peace in Europe, but also a country that has the lowest crime rates in the world.

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