10 Facts you may don't know about the animated film Minions

Large-scale film animation Despicable Me 3 received a lot of support, with special Banana songs that make

Minions have become well known from the film "Despicable me". The special from Minions is that minions make us happy. Just looking at those little yellow bodies makes us smile so hard, our cheeks hurt.

So, what do you know about Minions behind the science?
1) All Minions' cute sound was integrated by a single man alone, Mr. Pierre Coffin, a French cartoon designer

2) Not all Minions' characters are speaking nonsense, but the fact that languages they use was created especially to Despicable Me, including Korean, Japanese, Spanish and the English as language of their own.

3) All Minions' characters have only three fingers.

4) The name of Minions' character are from names of men.

5) All Minions' names easy to remember such as: Dave, Stuart, Kevin, Tim, Jerry, Mark, and Phil...etc.

6) According to the film director and Pierre Coffin, there are total of 899 Minions' characters.

7) Minions can travel and be able to live in a vacuum, because they can breath even higher level

8) The overall height of Minions is about 105 cm

9) Eric Guillon, the head of cartoon designer is responsible for creating, and making Minions appear

10) Purple minions, the devil one, and love bananas as well, this character of purple minions have purple hair and harsh nature.

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