3 great future technology devices on smartphones

Electronic devices technology today being developed with high operating capacity to help many people needs. Obviously, even a small phone in your pocket is a multi-function  such as camera, location search tool and messaging engine.

Below are the 3 new technology devices that will appear soon to the world and will help people and make the world easier.

1) Spectrometer What's Spectrometer? It is a tool that has been used for research in physics, chemistry and biology, which can be measured on the nature or quality of light to analyze the establishment of a chemical. Spectrometer instrument was developed function with ability. Consumer Physics spectrometer instruments are introduced Scio last year and the recent Institute of Technology MIT also announced that scientists at University have developed a device small enough for spectrometer integrated into the camera smartphone.

What Spectrometer in the smartphone can do?On the spectrometer smartphone will provide convenience to the user can control (detect) on the skin to properly supervise the notion of professional or the level of pollution. It also gives users a method to learn about the food they eat or the use of drugs.

2) Crazy accurate GPS What is GPS? Referred to as geographic technologies now being widely used on smartphones to provide information about the location where they want to search. Agree that Google is developing its mapping services more modern convenience to provide location information to users.

The software program for displaying geographic location "Geo-location software" developed by engineers at the University of Texas at Austin set it up with a special function can search for locations correctly using antenna antenna sensors apartment on smartphone called Centimeter-accuracy GPS.
The Centimeter-accuracy GPS systems used on smartphones offer some benefit? It features Synced with smartphone camera to form 3D map viewer accompanied by special features like real reform, technology, virtual reality. Centimeter-specific geo-location technology also provides easy to know each other and avoid driving vehicles in complex situations.

3) Gas sensorsWhat's Gas sensor? There is a new wireless sensor costs less be developed by a team at the Institute of Chemical Technology MIT can find (detect) ammonia gas (gaseous ammonia) hydrogen peroxide pretreatment (hydrogen peroxide), cyclohexanone, and other dangerous gases and can be identified by the smartphone. This technology is important to read these gas powered on many smartphones. 

What benefits of Gas sensors on the smartphone? Gas-sensor-tag technology, and smartphone reading combo on the smartphone is very easy to measure the levels of chemical explosives, environmental pollution caused accidents. The system can read the levels of dangerous chemicals (chemical reading) on ​​the smartphone can be merged with the geographic location data to track and map on any areas that are dangerous.

This modern sensor technology can also be used with more food in order to assess the freshness of the food or food that spoiled. Sensor can measure chemicals released by rotten or spoiled food.

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