3 the most popular advanture activities - most tourists do in Cambodia

Adventure Activities are including service of zip lining, canopy, adventure racing, backpacking, camping, canoeing, canyoning, caving, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, hunting, kayaking, mountaineering, adventure park, rock climbing, running, sailing, skiing, and surfing which may available in Cambodia.

But I found out the three adventure activities that have been popular and famous for tourists to do it while they're in Cambodia.

So, I would like to bring you here and I think they will become your attraction to do when you planning to come and visit in Cambodia.

1). Zipline Canopy Tour

Nestled in the rainforest, not far from the majestic temples of Angkor, prepare to soar on ziplines, traverse suspended sky bridges, abseil from towering trees, be amazed by the majesty and magic of the rainforest, and fly like never before.

Flight of the Gibbon has built its famous zipline courses in the most remote and beautiful real rainforest locations in Thailand…until now! Angkor, 30 minutes from Siem Reap, Cambodia is home to the 7th Wonder of the World, Angkor Wat and dozens of other ancient ruins, temples and compelling religious historical artifacts spanning centuries of Hindu and Buddhist influence

2). Quad Adventure Cambodia

By coming to Siem Reap you made a good choice, but don't think you've seen everything here, until you've joined our unique quad tours!
Quad Adventure Cambodia brings you to places where life is still the same as it was before, where changes seem to have passed the people without touching their traditional way of living. Share their feeling and meet the friendly people.

The quad bikes are specially designed off road vehicles that cope with all kind of terrain. After clear instructions and practice, you will go for an unforgettable off road experience amongst rice fields and traditional villages. Our guides will show you the way.

3). Gibbon Spotting Cambodia

Gibbon Spotting Cambodia is the original and only official trekking experience which allows wildlife enthusiasts and those concerned with the conservation of these primates to experience the incredibly rare ‘Northern Yellow- Cheeked Gibbon’s’ in their natural surroundings.
In order to boost our efforts to protect this newly discovered species as well as their environment, we provide the opportunity to an exclusive and limited amount of guests (6 people per trek) to travel to Ban Lung, Ratanakiri, where it is possible to track a habituated family of Gibbons.

Our 2 day/ 1 night trek runs only between 1st November and 16th June due the heavy rainfall outside of this period. With a steadily increasing rate of successful sightings during this time; now at 85%, as well as an alarming increase in the destruction of the surrounding jungle, there has never been a better or more vital time to visit these awe-inspiring primates.

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