3 simple habits that can damage your kidneys seriously

Kidney is an important part of the body that it has a role filter blood hormone produced absorb minerals produced urine toxins and acids.

Therefore, we should take care of it well. 3 simple ways  that can provide serious risk and impact to your groin, you could imagine.

1. Not having enough water
Your kidney plays an important role in filtering technology and blood and release toxins in waste. When you do not drink enough water a day, toxins in your body will cause serious side effects to the kidneys.

2. Eating too much salt
Your body needs sodium or salt to be running well. At the same time lowering salt intake can lead to high blood pressure and kidney severe pressure. Hence, you do not need salt intake more than 5 grams per day.

3. Eating much sugar
The study by scientists has shown that eating sugar can create a much protein in the urine. The protein in the urine is a sign that we know that kidney abnormalities.

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