4 new mysterious Accessories- the rumors say Microsoft will release

Microsoft has released products, spare parts (Accessory) for the flagship phones of its Lumia series. In fact, the past few months, Microsoft just brings a modern battery charger Portable Dual Chargers and screen sharing tool Miracasting.

Many programs on the Lumia phones
According to the Microsoft website Insider reports that Microsoft is about to release 4 accessories but it is not clear yet.

After all, they do not know that it is unconditional: or functions to specific yet, but it may be known their names, including 1) Codename Valora, 2) Codename Munchin, 3)Codename Murano and 4) Codename Ivanna / Livana and apparatus subordinate these surely are designed for use with the phone's Microsoft that are circulating in the market today.

The Codename Valora knew that would be equipped with a function called Motion Guard with a great capacity sensor for control of the movement of the moving object. And other information, they still do not know yet, however, we will wait for further monitoring all.

Below are the recently released Microsoft accessories 
Portable Dual Chargers 

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