4 simple businesses that can start with just 500 US dollar capital

Incredible! I think, if we would like to start a business, we must have a lot of capital, but recently I found an article how take 500$ to create business, it changed my mind on starting business.

So, I found 4 simple businesses that we can start without a big capital and I would like to bring it to all of you, who are willing or planning to run a business but are struggling with money.

Source: coached2profits

Important thing in the article said "To run a business to be successful or not successful, it does not only depend on the capital but strategic factors and firmly believes or determination to overcome all difficulties is all key entrepreneurs must not be overlooked"

So here are the 4 type of businesses you can consider about, that need just 500 US dollar or lower that you can start:

1) Home or office cleaning services
At present, because people have a lot of work and not enough time at home, so they don't have time to clean their house. On the other hand, many companies are also sometimes it's really difficult to find a cleaning service for office. So if there is any business that provides cleaning services that provide good services, believing that will be many companies and houses need the service What is important is that capital is not necessary to spend a lot.

2) Independent Advisory
The counseling service is necessary and indispensable in the current market. In fact, there are a variety of offers various consulting services business, such as legal counsel and social research. Necessary factor for the provision of advisory services such independence is a real knowledge that can offer a solution to customers effectiveness.

Generally, an independent adviser do not need capital spending, and also do not need to hire staff or office, you can do alone.

3) Home education services
This type of business is popular in Cambodia because it does not require a lot of money to start, and do not need to rent the building do not have to pay water and electricity do not need to hire more staff. Once that process further recruitment is possible as it is not yet too late.

4) Child care services
Because of the busy and most parents have no time to care for their children. Therefore, parents are always looking for this type of service. For those who want to carry out this does not need to spend a lot capital to start, but what's important is that just need one or two employees or yourself, just requires patience and experience related to the care of some kids.

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