5 the best benefits from eating bitter gourd- health benefits

Gourd fruit is the most popular vegetables in the Asian countries, which has been recognized as a valuable crop health benefits, especially for diabetics.

I found not many people do not realize about bitter gourd benefits. In fact, it provides a lot  of benefit for health.

1. Sugar levels
Bitter Gourd fruit or juice contains chemicals called Charantin, can help reduce blood sugar levels, which is very beneficial for diabetics. To be effective, you should drink gourd morning before eating.

2. Blood Filtration
Many studies show that eating bitter gourd helps purify toxins in the blood and treat blood bubble.

3. Immunization constipation
Fiber rich in bitter gourd can help protect you from infection, constipation and help effectively treat stomach.

4. Loss weight
Choosing bitter gourd fruit diet is very beneficial for health because it helps stimulate the liver to release bile to digest fats, which can help you loss weight.

5. Strengthen the immune system
Bitter Gourd juice every morning can help keep the immune system strong and increasing energy to the body against infection.

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