5 reasons can make you change mind from iPhone 6 to Lumia 930

Lumia 930 just released out to the market with different special features. If you look at the new generation Lumia, you will properly think about changing your mind. I  believe these 5 features will make you think about using Lumia:

1).  Live Screen is chunk fitted tab on the Home screen

You can arrange your home screen to look as you want and as what your favorite style appropriate to your creativity. Vivid design that can let you organize your favorite essential App, providing information and presentation. When you unlock immediately your Lumia 930, you can find apps easily as the iPhone can not do.

2). The show, which does not change much
Operating systems, which are designed not complicated but simple dignity and luxury on a variety of Windows Phone.

3). Cortana smarter

If you prefer to use aid programs such as Siri, you will be satisfied Cortana on the Windows Phone handset that can provide good information and intelligence. It can know exactly what you need in response to a question from a user's mouth. Cortana can sing for you, tell you about comics and know your favorite songs.

4).  Camera 

This is the biggest reason that could make you love the Lumia 930 phone, if you like photography and even more obsessed, if you ever use a DSLR camera. More special Lumia 930 can be modified as needed on the function Shutter speed, Exposure and ISO unlike iPhone which there is not enough capacity for techniques of low-light or insufficient.

5). OneDrive storage

Present-day people turned to put their data storage on the Internet or cloud because we can open files; again at any time. Why OneDrive:? Because it is possible to keep your data safe.

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