Can Mango leaves really help to treat diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease that can cause patients to face with their hands and feet cut off, because of the injury can not heal and cause them unhealthy and thin.

Today, to treat diabetes, still depend on completely on medical medicines treatment in order to keep the patient remain healthy.

 But I just read a local website that wrote about the Mango leaves can help to treat diabetes. I never heard that before, and just thought that it would be really work or not?

If this work, I think it will be very helpful to the diabetes people, because it is very easy to find and cheap, sometimes you can find it free too.

Here what I did research a bit on how mango leaves can be worked for human 

According to ancient medical mango leaves, which helps to cool the body and to lower down urinate, is also used as upper respiratory drugs, such as cough, bronchitis..

Mango leaves also contain anthxyanhdin helpful in reducing blood glucose, preventing progression to bad on the eyes and the blood vessels that can be caused by diabetes.

The Australian university's research has shown that some substances in Mango leaves is effective in treatment similar to medicine, it can used for diabetes and lowering bad fats (cholesterol) in the blood.

This is how to be told about using it

Take the 5 young mango leaves and slice it. Put them into a glass of hot water than cover it and leave it for a night.

Next morning, take all the mango leaves slices out of the glass, and drink its water. Drink only one glass a day.

Importance that article said:

- Because the drug helps reduce blood sugar effectively, so you do not need to use more than what is mentioned above, because it can lower your glucose that is danger for health.
- You do not drink it at the same time with medicine, the best time is to drink before or after the medicine within 2 to 3 hours in order not to affect drug efficacy.

Please if you not sure, consult more with your doctor!

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