How to download music vidoes easily to be MP3 files from Youtube

MP3 music and video (AVI, MP4..) have its special features, but can not play in the different circumstances.

For many people who are busy and may not have much time for watching music videos, but also still prefer listen to music while working or studying. MP3 music is a better choice, because you only need to listen to songs.

YouTube is a very famous and popular network and today has received strong support from people around the world who come to listen and download songs from it.

Internet Download Manager is very popular for downloading videos, but it is impossible to download MP3 songs.However, we also have the option to install the add ons on the browser for download MP3 songs.

So, I would like to show you the easy and simple way to download videos from youtube to MP3 file automatically without needing to install anything

1) Go to and search for songs or videos that you want to download.

2) Copy the URL address at the top is at the address bar of the browser.

3) Open a new tab of the browser and go to the address Then turn off the Paste in the URL of the website Box youtube.mp3 and click on the button Covert Video

4) Finally, just click on Download, the MP3 music is done

 Enjoy listening to your favorite MP3 songs!

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