How to help your hair growth well and healthily with 5 different foods

Therefore, hair caring to be healthy and strong is our main obligation that need pay attention on.

Recently I read an article about some foods that can maintain our hair to be healthy. And I would like to bring you only 5 the most important foods that can help your hair growth well and healthily.

Here are 5 foods can help to aid the growth of hair:

1. Salmon fish 
It contains protein, vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids, which can help make hair strong and help the growth of hair.

2. Strawberries 
It is regarded as the best food for healthy hair, rich in vitamin C can help make healthy hair.

3. Oysters 
It contains zinc and many minerals that can help promote increased androgen in the body. The study said that low levels of androgen in its growth and can make elastic hair and scalp dandruff.

4. Sweet potatoes
It is an important nutrient that is rich in beta-carotene that can be converted into vitamin A in the body that help fight dry skin and damaged hair problems.

5. Eggs 
As a source of vitamin biotin and vitamin B, which these substances are essential to help make your hair grow well.

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