How to loose weight by just eating 8 natural foods

Want to loose weight? or you have tried to loose weight, but it hasn't worked?

I am not an expert on weight reduction, but I have read many articles about it and I would like to pile some of natural simple ways that a lot of people have experienced on helping weight loose.

So, below I will bring you the 8 different natural things that you can eat freely without worrying about its fat substances and about gaining your weight.

1. Apple
Apple is rich in pectin and vitamin C. National Institute of fruits in Japan has announced a research project in which to realize that eating 1-2 apples (400 grams) per day can help to lower the amount of discount a kind of blood fat (substance causing atherosclerosis increases the risk of stroke and high blood pressure).

Eating apples helps us feel full, so eat an apple before your meal will help to avoid the consumption of rice Besides apples, helps to increase the amount of vitamin C - increases cardiovascular strength edge and the ability of the body.

2. Grapes
Grapes, grape juice and wine contain resveratraol, can reduce cholesterol naturally. On animal experiments also confirmed that grapes and grape products may decrease cholesterol

3. Corn
Corn contains calcium phosphoric, Selenium and lecithin, vitamin E that effectively reduce cholesterol in the blood. India does not seem to have high blood pressure and coronary heart disease, because the people of this country are accustomed to using corn in food Their daily.

4. Garlic
Garlic can make cholesterol in the blood decreases and prevent blood clots.

5. Onion stem 
Besides calcium phosphoric, sugar, protein, iron, vitamins A, C, onions contain carotene and fiber may increase the gastric mucus helps eliminate residual substances in intestinal unnecessary fat.

6. Milk
Acid-rich dairy whey and calcium can block the cholesterol in the artery edge. Meanwhile, milk also reduces the amount of cholesterol because it inhibits the activity of the enzymes that synthesis cholesterol.

7. Mushroom
It is rich in nutrients, vitamins (B, C, D),iron, Selenium, sodium, potassium, magnetic, and potassium. Even though the high amount of protein in mushrooms, but it does not have much fat, so it is a safe choice for overweight people or who want to lose weight to eat.

8. Onion
Nutritional components of onions not only have no fat, but also be able to maintain stable blood pressure to reveal organic salts and avoid the concentration of salt.

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