How to make your finger and toenails healthy and white in 4 naturally ways

Most of you love having long, and white finger or toenails, especially girls. In order to have it, a lot of people must spend a lot of money and time to go to makeup shops so that their finger or toenails can be cared of. Actually,

There are a few ways that can make your finger or toenails pretty, white and long without spending a lot of money or time on it.

I read about an article on how to care of fingernails and toes healthy, white and strong naturally, so I would like to share to you all who would like to have your fingernails and toenails healthy, long and pretty.

1. Lemon juice 

You can soak nails in lemon juice or rub directly on thefinger or toesnails and after that leave them two to three minutes and then wash it away, this way can make nails clean and pretty naturally. In addition, you can add powdered lemon soda water to optimize.

2. Toothpaste

In toothpaste containing whitening substance, take it to brush on the nail about one or two minutes. Because whitening substance in the toothbrush can make nails clean.

3. Vinegar 

Vinegar contains acid that helps get rid of the opacity of the nails. Take a little drops of vinegar on a cotton then take it to wipe nails, after that soak your nail into water and then wash them out.

4. Salt 

The same with vinegar, you can take some salt mixed with a little lemon juice then polish your fingernails and toes. brush over them and then leave them about two to three minutes and before cleaning, doing like this will help clean the fingernails and toes prettily.

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