How to prevent high blood pressure with 5 simple ways you can do!

High Blood pressure is called the silent murderer, and a lot of people who died yearly by the high blood pressure disease.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said that patients with high blood pressure is about 1/3 of the people older than 25 years, or about one billion people in the world.

In response to this problem, the health expert said that high blood pressure can be prevented through the implementation of a number of simple ways as follows:

1. The right diet 

Proper diet and a balanced diet is necessary to help control blood pressure. Proper diet can help prevent high blood pressure is like eating a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, processed products from low-fat milk, fish, whole grains, meat, poultry and nuts. Besides, is to restrict the consumption of red meat, sugar and beverages.

2. Controlling stresses 

Researches show that stress and high blood pressure is an interface with each other, so in order to prevent the risk is to manage stress through exercise, take a deep breath, know how to find a way to fresh your feeling or practicing yoga, and so on...

3. Exercise regularly 

Exercise is specified that help lower blood pressure. If a person in a state of high blood pressure (blood pressure above 120 to 139 mmHg or lower blood pressure 80 to 89 mmHg), regular exercise, sure you can help avoid high blood pressure.

4. The restricted amount of sodium 

You need to reduce your sodium (salt substance intake) by reducing the amount of salt in food and eliminate dietary fat metabolism.

5. Reduce the consumption of alcohol and smoking

Habits are directly related to the risk of high blood pressure. Therefore, you need to leave immediately. First, you can reduce the number and then are completely discarded.

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