Top 10 the best natural world heritage sites in the world

Until today, UNESCO  has listed 1007 world Heritage Sites into its official list. Some heritage sites set up by culture and some by nature itself.

Below are the 10 world heritage properties, which is from nature, just see photos, they are already so attractive us to go and visit those places.

1) Goreme National Park in the history of Turkey's Cappadocia region occurred due to the volcanic eruption. This has created a rock abrasion manipulation so far today.

2) Lake Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia is not just the oldest lake in southeastern Europe but it is also the largest lake, which has a connection with others 16 lakes in between of the mountain range Mala Kapel and Pljesevica.

3) Canaima National Park in southeastern Venezuela along the border with Brazil and Guyana. In a national park has a waterfall called Angel Falls, a waterfall with a height of up to 979 meters.

4) Ha Long Bay Islands region is located along the northern coast of Tonkin in Vietnam meeting with up to 1 600 small islands.

5) Natural cliffs Hierapolis-Pamukkale in Denizli province in western Turkey.

6)Victoria Fall waterfall is located along the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe as a natural waterfall with a height of several hundred meters waterfall is named In addition to Devil's Pool.

7)Tongariro National Park on the island of northern New Zealand, an oldest park in this country, which was born out of volcanic leaving a volcanic lake with green caused by volcanic minerals.

8)According to UNESCO Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which stretches across the state of Tennessee and North Carolina of the United States is the park, which grows all kinds of trees that have in European and are most visited in the States.

9) National Park Lguazu located in northeastern Argentina, along with Brazil make this waterfall

10) According to the UNESCO, Yellowstone National Park, which is located between the State of Wyoming and Montana is a state where there are largest hot waterhole and is a gathering place with rich wildlife.

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