Top 10 the most expensive resorts in the world

1) Isla de sa Ferradura Resort
Isla de sa Ferradura resort located on the island of Isla de sa Ferradura, Spain. It is the best place and the most expensive resort in the world. A day cost up to $ 42 000.

2) Necker Island Resort 
Mr. Richard Branson owns this resort. It is in the British Virgin Islands. It cost up to $ US30000 per night.

3) Musha Cay Resort 
Musha Cay Resort is located on the island of Hamas (Bahamas), which covers an area of ​​150 hectares mixed with white sand beaches. It costs up to $ 24 750 per day.

4) Casa Contenta Resort
Casa Contenta resort is located in the city of Miami, the United States. It offers personal service to the traveler such as helper, chef, medical covering and including a car driver. It costs $ 11 600 per night.

5) The Rania Experience Resort
Rania Experience is located on the resort island of Maldives offer boat services, diving to see underwater scenery and other special services. It costs 9500US$ per night.

6) Sandy Lane resort 
Sandy Lane resort is located on the Barbados island, the resort covering an area of ​​approximately 730 square meters. The lowest price per night is 8000 US$ and the highest is 25000$US per night.

7) Altamer Resort 
Altamer resort is located on the island of Anguilla in the eastern Caribbean Sea, under the control of Britain. Price per night is 4714US$. This resort also has another accommodation that costs $ 80000 per week.

8) Fregate Islands Resort 
Fregate Islands resort is located on the Seychelles Islands in the Indian Ocean east Africa can receive only 40 people and per night price is US $ 2 450.

9) Turtle Island Resort 
Turtle Island Resort is located on the island of Fiji Oceania in the South Pacific. Prices per night stay from $ 1 632 to $ 2 390.

10) Cayo Espanto resort 
Cayo Espanto resort is located in Belize in North America. It has 5 villas for guests to stay and offers personal services, such as servant, swimming pool, tennis court, fishing, golf. per night stay is $ 1 395.

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