10 best applications on the phone are useful for your daily life

The progress of technology has made our lives easier, but also that easiness can makes us more negligent and disordered or even destroy our lives.

In contrast to the technology effectiveness we have said above, I would like to recommend the 10 applications that make your life in order and better from the phone technology even though with friends attention and memory.

1. Level Money helps us to spend

The program will connect to your bank account, and help you to know that how much amount remaining will be able to spend per day. It will manage the income and spending money that you want to save. So, if you spend a lot today, the program will tell you to spend less the next day.
Free (iOS, Android)

2. Evernote can help us to record everything


Recorded Evernote can help you to record everything as interviews lesson, address book.
Free (iOS, Android)

3. Pocket lets you save articles for reading offline 

It's very easy to forget the text that you want to read later. But Pocket, you may be able to send text to any sensor. With only one click button, it will send the text to any device you want, and that both can be read offline.
Free (iOS, Android)

4. Stand to help you stand when sitting too long


Sitting too long at using computer is not a good thing for health. Stand helps you to stand frequent brushes with the computer. You can set the hours that you have to stand the sound notification.
Free (Mac)

5. Tile helps you not to lose keys or wallet. 

Tile has a small Bluetooth connection that will be able to help you to find objects quickly. For example, you can put it with key or in bag. When you lose the keys or wallet, you can find it in the App easily.
$ 25 each (order)

6. Last Time helps you to remember appointment with doctor

Rather than count the date, Last time will tell you the time. For example, time appointment with a medical, call to parents. It's a good program to remind you of something you do occasionally.
$ 1.99 (iOS)

7. Quest: Game fun and remember work

Quest Game, which will be created by the work that you're going to do. It not only helps you remember what need not coincide with each other, you can play Game 8-bit fun.
$ 1.99 (iOS)

8. Lumosity help you to remember better

Lumosity is a program that coaches your memory to work better with a fun Game 40 in the program. The program also has 70 million users worldwide.
$ 11.99 per month (iOS, Android)

9. Find My iPhone (functionality)

If you lose the Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Mac application Find My iPhone will display the location on the map. Not only can you make Lock Device will send a message with a phone number for contact, and you can also make the sensor, then heard a loud voice. In order to simplify the search.
Free (iOS)

10. Mint Bills & Money helps you pay bills on time

For busy people, you'll be able to pay such a fee cost of water, electricity and so on. Mint Bills & Money will help you make those payments on time to avoid penalties rather than cash.

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