11-minute video showing the keys for iPhone 6 users with higher experience

Some people may have been more aware about the features on the iPhone, but may some people just have begun using it, or use a long time, and still do not have a lot of time do researching. On the iPhone, there are some more features that will help users more if they know how to use.  

Here I would love to represent some of the key to use the iPhone with higher experience. The video below will teach you to understand more about it:

1) Turn off Notifications to avoid fast battery run out and not bother your time during a meeting or while asleep. Go to Settings → Notification Center → Switch off Alerts.

2) Use Siri to set a schedule (Siri Schedule).

3) Faster Typing: You can use Keybord Bludtooth associated with the iPhone. Go to Settings → Bluetooth → choose the device (Device).

4) You can also use keyboard shortcuts to speed up typing. Go to Settings → General → Keyboard Add New Shortcut.

5) Dictate Longer Messages: To use this function, you need to click on the button below deck microphone-in side Left and below on the keyboard. After clicking on this button and voice recording function will read and record your letters immediately.

6) Lacation-based Remider: For iOS 7 Go Remider.  In the Settings button and then click on the letter "i" function (enable) Remide me at a location already entered Loacation to determine.

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