4 the best places to experience nature and wildlife in Cambodia

Many organizations in Cambodia offer excellent Wildlife and Nature Holidays, Trips & Tours in Cambodia. They are expert in nature and wildlife and they provide full package of the trip.
Please come and experience the Nature and Wildlife in Cambodia.

Below are the 4 places that you can experience nature and wildlife with them in Cambodia:

1). Osmose
Linking community-based conservation, ecotourism & environmental education
Osmose, a not-for-profit association, has implemented a pilot conservation and development project in 3 floating villages of the Prek Toal area, Tonle Sap Lake. The site is critical for the survival of several species of endangered waterbirds. The project aims to link preservation of waterbird colonies to the sustainable development of local communities.

In addition to saving seven bird species from extinction, over 130 families benefit from our project. In essence, our program is an environmental awareness endeavour combining short-term priorities (saving the bird colonies from extinction), long-term ownership building (environmental education) and economic incentives (direct and indirect benefits to target groups).

2). Phnom Ta Mao Zoo
Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center is located 45 km south of Phnom Penh, in Tro Pang Sap village, Tro Pang Sap Commune, Ba Ti District, Takeo Province.
Phnom Tamao can be accessible as a day trip from Phnom Penh via National Road No 2 and takes about an hour and a half by car.

Phnom Tamao is a rich area featuring temples, mountains, forests and a wildlife rescue center with over 1,200 animals. Within an area of 2,300 hectares of protected, regenerating forest, 1,200 hectares are dedicated to tree nurseries and 100 hectares for animal rehabilitation and care.

3). Sam Veasna Center (SVC)
Sam Veasna Center for Wildlife Conservation (SVC) is a registered Cambodian non-profit, non-governmental organization. The aim of SVC is to serve as a focal point for conservation initiatives in northwestern Cambodia.

The Center was established in 2003 in memory of Sam Veasna, a pioneering Cambodian conservationist whose work led to the rediscovery and protection of the highly endangered bird, the Bengal Florican. He also discovered the presence of Sarus Crane in extensive wet grassland site in the province of Banteay Meanchey.

Veasna dreamt of building a of ocenter to promote the conservation of wildlife. However, he succumbed to cerebral malaria at the age of 33 after contracting it during fieldwork in December 1999.

4). Confirel - Discover the real taste of Cambodia
Confirel is a socially responsible enterprise offering a large assortment of authentic Khmer products. Its first aim is to provide local farmers with a substantial increase of their revenue by purchasing their production at a fair price.

At the beginning, the company focused on one easily and broadly available resource in Cambodia: The sugar palm tree. From this, we developed and extensive range of products such as granulated sugar, candies, wine, spirits and vinegar. Confirel believes in reviving a major natural resource of the country, the Thnot, in order to provide to the countryside an additional income to improve their living conditions and to avoid the rural exodus.

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