5 the best 7 star hotels in the world

When people have a lot of money is clear that they aspire to civilized life pomp and luxury. Especially when you travel abroad, always aspire to live comfortably and also some people dare to spend tens of thousands of dollars for just a few days to know the so-called greatness.

Five-star hotel is considered a very great, and that is, when you stay at a 5-star hotel, you get felt yourself as the Prince or Princess. But if you stay in a 7-star hotel is not a dream, but the fact is, you are a prince or princess, exactly like living in paradise world.These hotel stay beautiful room hotel is in a good location, and even more special is that bedroom filled with luxury decorated with gold, which is the only one in the world and elsewhere.

1. Hotel Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai UAE 

The hotel is located on the artificial island the middle of the sea, connected to the mainland by a bridge, and the bridge is owned by the hotel. The hotel has 202 rooms. Stay for the kind of large-scale room Royal Suite (372 square meters) is 18716 US$ per night. The hotel where the meeting between the West and the East, where the rich cultural diversity from every side.

There are two restaurants under the water, which can travel by submarine. There are Spa and Steam, helicopter ride overlooking Dubai, cars for hire and ride, and bath place called Wild Wado Waterpark.

2. The Pentominium hotel in Dubai 


The hotel was not to be put in place to serve customers in the near future, but the front of the hotel will be great construction in the world with a height of 516 meters (equivalent to a height of more than 100 stories).

3. The glass monument Pangu Plaza in Beijing 


 This monument is a 7-star hotel that is a top-class hotel in Beijing and there are plenty of rich people stay to relaxed, even Bill Gates (Bill Gates) also has been there.

4. Hotel and iSquare stores in the US city of Orlando 


 Hotels are being built and scheduled to completed in 2017. The hotel has 1256 rooms which are all 7-star room. Costs forth all built and equipped at the hotel is $ 400 million. Twin Palace Hotel has a floating dock for recreational goods stores, restaurants, even where water skiing on this hotel.

5. Emirates Palace 


Construction costs and other facilities at the hotel is $ 3.9 billion. Inordinate amounts of money thus far is certainly not making the capital owners and guests to relax in the hotel was not really disappointed and does not pay for empty hotel features unique and unexpected worthy money. The hotel is located in the beach park improvements across the sprawling kilometers. Furniture and each room has been improving all the gold and marble. Some room for the royal family and top dignitaries.

Special foods such as fried caviar hotel Albino Caviar and cognac worth $ 15,000 a bottle (bottle of wine or grape wine, it has a longer life expectancy more because these wines are kept at the bottom of the sea for a long period of up to hundreds of years). The hotel has a swimming pool, 2 beaches for leisure guests as a private or family (ie artificial beach hotel apart from each other, that is, Guests have a beach table tennis (Tennis) spa table football and rugby (Courtyard Hotel wide until own table football). Night stay under $ 12,000.


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