5 things must learn from billionair Li Ka Shing if wishing to be rich in short time

You might be familiar with billionaire Li Ka-Shing, the richest one of Asia from Hong Kong, has been considered as a potential business at the present time. This is also due to his efforts from poverty trap workers to head big companies have $ 30 billion in hand.

Li Ka-shing, said that does not matter that you can earn money, but important that you be allotted salary into 5 effective things. Here are the division's revenue strategy.

Suppose that you have a salary of $ 400 a month is divided into 5 parts. The first is US $120 (30%), second is US $ 80 (20%), while third is US $ 60 (15%), forth is US$ 40 (10%) and fifth is US $ 100 (25%).

1) US $ 120 for meals

Li Ka-shing said that you need a $ 120 daily for meals. For breakfast, you do not need to waste too much, may be able to eat eggs and a glass of milk optional. For lunch, you can eat any food that is already cooked and some fruits. For dinner, you have to cook yourself, two vegetable dishes and a glass of milk before bedtime.

2) US $ 80 for communication

Li suggested that you can pay $ 80 to buy a phone card and  pay your friends meal occasionally. But remember, friends and peers out free food to make sure that people have a higher knowledge than you or people who could help pave the way to a successful career. He explained that you will see their results after a relationship with this person in the past a year later.

3) US $ 60 to knowledge

You can spend $ 10 to $ 15 for buying a good book to read. Billionaire has said that because you do not have as much money so you have to make more effort to learn more better. You need to read the content of the book that you buy carefully and clear as well as learn about different strategies from the book. Meanwhile, the remaining amount of the expenditure was spent on other short course on their professional in schools or other institutions for creating knowledge.

4) US $ 40 for tourism

The resort and travel to other areas will help you feel refreshed and you have to do at least once per year. You need to extract the experience obtained from your tour to raise awareness in social contexts.

5) US $ 100 for investment

Li suggested that you need to keep your monthly $ 100 a month in the bank to a small business capital formation in the future. Small businesses do not have a higher risk and you do not have that many losses in case it can not walk smooth forward.
However, small businesses will boost confidence and increasingly experienced Meanwhile stronger. Your business can expand even further in the future. The more you earn greater capital in the long-term investment goals and you will become a financial safety You have a little green unconsciously

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