6 main masterpieces that the world recognized Cambodia since 2013

There are some Cambodia's pride stories that the whole world recognized Cambodia within last more than a year. Those stories, maybe some people do not even know about it. So below I would like to bring the stories that can be considered to be the country's pride:

1) Cambodia is ​the world’s friendliest country
In mid-2013, Cambodia was classified by the largest international tourism website named "Rough Guides" based in the UK rankings at number 1 in the list of top 10 countries. This site prepared for an election online (the survey) and found that Cambodia is " the friendliest country".

2) Hotel Sofitel Phutra in Phnom Penh is the "No. 2 Outstanding hotel in Southeast"

November 2013, Hotel Sofitel Phutra iin Phnom Penh was classified by world travel magazine "Conde Nast Traveller" with rank No. 2 outstanding hotel of Southeast Asia. Sofitel Phutra hotel was also recorded by a leading Britain tourist magazine praised as the best hotel and professional services.

3) Jasmine Rice "the most delicious rice" two years ranking in the world

Jasmine rice a fragrant rice won the No. 1 for two years (2012 and 2013) in rice competition. Jasmine rice tastes the best in the world.  Jasmine rice has been awarded the best 2012 and 2013 by Commission assessment of the competition.

4) No. 4 in the country to reduce better poverty in the world

The World Bank has published a report on poverty released in early 2014, that the poverty rate in the country in a period of 7 years starting 2004 until 2011 fell by more than half that is, from 53% (2004) to 20.5% (2011).

Cambodia has made in excess of the plan the UN's Millennium Development Goals. Given the current status report indicated that two people among the 10 people in Cambodia in poor condition.

5) Two historic tourist areas of Cambodia's Angkor Wat and Bayon is classified as a historic summit of regional history the world's top 10

In early July 2014, one of the largest travel website Trip Advisor classified historic area two of Cambodia's Angkor Wat temple is ranked No. 6 and Bayon temples ranks No. 7 among regional history of the world's top 10. 

And now recently the first top destination for tourist around the world... 

6) Siem Reap city ranked No. 4 in the world,  and No. 2 in Asia as the best city

Early July 2014, America's famous tourism magazine "Travel and Leisure" ranked No. 4 to Siem Reap is the best city in the world (World's Best City) in 2014 and ranked No. 2 in Asia after from Kyoto, Japan.

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