7 most remote places on earth where not many people do not dare to live

During the 14th century territories started to be known around the world from many adventure travelers across the ocean found those territories, particularly Portuguese and Spanish adventure (through the researches). After all, the 21st century many places on this planet, are no longer a mystery, but what noteworthy is that there are some areas in the most remote and isolated from downtown that have been abandoned.

History of Easter Island, Chile: tripping

Here are the 7 remote places in the world:

1) Deception Island, Antarctic continent 

Islands in the South Pole insulate located the northern Antarctic Peninsula, the continent covered by ice and purely temperatures cold people can not live in it. The name is also because the island has many mysterious dangers to the research, including tourism. The size of 72 square kilometers, the island was discovered by British William Smith and Edward Bransfield in 1820.

2) Kerguelen Islands, the southern Indian Ocean 

Kerguelen Island is an isolated island in the southern Indian Ocean, which has a size of approximately 2 215 square kilometers. Although it has a wide area, each year there are about 50 to 100 scientists to travel to this place.

3) Mount Gangkhar Puensum, Bhutan 

Mount Gangkhar Puensum is the country's highest mountain range, Bhutan border with China, which caused complications for hikers and researchers for it has high cliffs and a height of more than 7.5 kilometers. Today it is the remote areas do not have that many people live, mostly tourists and researchers.

4) Tristan da Cunha Island, South Atlantic 

207 kilometers and has approximately 3 360 km in the southwest South America island, Tristan da Cunha is a territory inhabited in the 2nd highest number in the world. They conclude with farmers only 270 people live on the island because it is rich in big cliffs weather unfavorable unable to down aircraft. The best way to go here is the ships.

5) Historical Easter Island, Chile 

Easter Island is considered as the islands for tourism attraction for the past several centuries. Located at a distance of about 3 380 kilometers west of Chile island with an area of ​​163.6 square kilometers, while people living in more than 5000 have been started since between 300 and 1 200 AD. Although it is a remote island which is striking in construction on the island is large statues left from the era.

6) Ittoqqortoormiit green land, North Pole 

Ittoqqortoormiit is the Tibet region of Denmark at the North Pole. It is located in the remote areas of northern hkrinlen with a population of about 500 people at the present time. Cold weather makes them very difficult to travel to the region, meanwhile, ice covering almost overnight.

7) Amazon rainforest, Brazil 

Amazon rainforest in Brazil is the remote areas that are covered by forest so dense in the South American continent. They assessed that only ethnic minorities and people who live in forests largest forest on an area of ​​approximately 5,5 million square kilometers. Millions wildlife species are present here and only business activity logging activities revival.

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