8 advantages from honey that is good for health

Honey was well known by many people around the world by its benefits for health. And many articles have written about it. I also now would like to bring 8 advantages of honey for our daily life, and health that you should know more:

1) Increasing the natural energy: You can eat a small spoon or eat by mixing tea. It also will help increase your energy levels. You can eat before exercise, especially the days that you have several training programs.

2) To help effectively treat sore throat: he could barely eat better, and it will soon heal If you eat a lemon juice with salt mixed with a little honey.

3) Enhance the immune: honey is rich in antioxidants help boost the immune system to other diseases healthy eating, especially with the lemon juice. Small children older than one year can also eat well, especially in the cold season and winter.

4) Weight lose: honey is a natural food that can help you lose weight effectively. Eating a hot mix lemon juice and honey in the morning experts say that may help weight loss effectively.
5) Good sleep : Apart from the advantage at the top of this honey can also help you sleep too. He can eat mixed with a little milk will make him a good deep sleep dreaming.

6) Can help cure other cuts: he can get it painted on the track cuts snooze and you get paid off real sores on it. It helps kill bacteria help keep swelling and reduce pain.

7) help relieve dizzy (especially after drunk): You can mix with orange Yogurt consumption of water will help relieve dizzy caused by alcohol or alcohol.

8) Help eliminate bad breath: In addition to brush their teeth every day, you can also eat honey to help eliminate bad breath more.

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