9 things making Cambodia to become the most attractive to people to visit and work

Developing countries, Cambodia is now moving forward on the tourism sector, which is attracting millions national and international tourists This sector provides employment and income to citizens and, in particular, as an important source of income helped sustain the economy to grow steadily.

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So, What are the main things in Cambodia that have been made Cambodia to become the best place for tourist to come and visit?


1) Can go to many places with spending less money

For visitors who are less clearly recognized geographical Phnom Penh, please do not worry, because if the map not sure you can rent taxi better. They know everywhere and  cheaper. But sometimes, but do not forget to bargain before you head with them to avoid trouble behind.

2) Enjoying to eat lunch

Both residents and visitors who are fun to eat lunch gradually . Duration policies 2 hour lunch break will give them enough time to establish a relationship with friends and enjoy lunch times

3) A cheap massage services

For those who work hard all day to feel sick and cramps, do not have to worry, just spend a little money will get a good and cheaper massage services that could be found almost anywhere in the towns.

4) There are many holiday

In addition to the Global Day in many traditional festivals which provide opportunities for tourists see and visit. Some festival can be a best things to attract more tourists to come and visit Cambodia.

5) Cheap food

Food, coffee, other beverages that serve customers here really does not make foreign guests disappointed, they just cost only 2,000 Riel = 0.50 US$ you can also buy them to eat or drink.

6) Rich in tourist areas

Construction remained of the old French stuffs in Cambodia, including Angkor Wat, Palace, Museum Independence Monument.. Including many natural tourist areas are an attraction for visitors and leisure tourists discover its rich culture

7) Enjoy a Trip on Tonle Sap Lake

Apart from sightseeing in the city, visitors will get a mood enjoy the beautiful scenery along the Tonle Sap wind ecstatic hydrological surface cool early morning or sunset, which is the largest freshwater river on

8) Enjoy the night lights

Evening entertainment with beautiful night lights is an opportunity to absorb a romantic taste of the tourist that attached to each people's lifestyle and can see the value they get here.

9) stay at cheap luxury guesthouses and hotels

There are plenty of guesthouses and hotels with different prices, and also there are many cheap accommodations that you can find in Cambodia.

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