A secret tourist attraction in Kampot province and where you can enjoy a lot of fireflies

Because of the favorable start-up from a ravine, clear water flowing down from the mountain Bokor Split interference mixed forest vegetation management turned Prek Thnoat community in Prek Kreng village, Prek thnoat commune, Teouk Chhou district became a natural tourist attractions as well as the most popular and comfortable place that most of the guests where is named Natural tourism site of Anlong Thom.

To reach the this large natural resort, visitors can travel by bike motorcycle and all kinds of vehicles along National Highway 3 in the direction of Kampot  and Veal Rinh.After traveling at between 177-178 kilometers saw a billboard welcoming a so-called ecotourism Prek Thnoat is located on the right hand. From Road #3 by traveling on a bumpy gravel road about 1,600 meters long, red spotted a parking lot for all types of vehicles under the care for the safety of members of the community there.

Under the organization of the community, where they had built huts for tourists family relaxation. With the sound of water flowing Drizzle mixture waves threw with a large rock, visitors will be able to gradually relaxation and eating different kind of foods at the same time including a variety of seafood, chicken, duck, but you can also purchase orders freshwater fish in there as well.

One community member said that this large natural resort was created in 2007 on an area of ​​176 hectares of land as part of a community forest 2006 hectares under management, community sponsorship and support from the Wildlife Rescue organization (SRV), and helping the poor (CRS). After the two organizations was completed in 2010 on community self-management and the continued support from Monivong Bokor National Park and Prek Thnoat Commune authorities so it still typically process and far more interested in a tourism resort.

It's about light of fireflies certainly most tourists will remember from mangrove forest in Koh Kong, but if you do not want a long walk by just come to watch fireflies light at Anlung Thom resort here, where they can enjoy the same light at night Especially between April to May and September to October, visitors can also see sea dolphins while the sea water's calm.

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