Great beauty of Phnom Penh city in the evening

It is the middle year time accompanied by cloudy climate in the sky expressing beauty skyscrapers in the capital more attractive to photo hunters and a lot of national and international people to enjoy nature and take photos in the evening.

This is a photo, I found online  that people took along the garden of Freedom Park mixed with a little water on the garden also naturally conducive in evening time of sunset, make this photo more attractive to people.

It is very refreshing to see this photo, it showed about the development in Phnom Penh city, especially buildings of skyscrapers that in the last decades we never seen and had.

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I also admired Mr Jacky who is very creative photographer in taking this great photos. You should take more photos like this and let refreshing people when they watch, they could be a healer to who those are tired, stressful when they see your photos.

Note: This photo scenic beauty upper apartment building is a landscape of progress 38-storey building located along Monivong Street in the neighborhood Phnom Penh's Daun Penh district.

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