How to check friend list added but no confirmation on Facebook

Social network Facebook users may really ever encountered when you wanted to be a friend with someone on facebook and you added them to that person but no confirmation.

Sometimes when you added immediately to the other side also immediately Confirmed or when the person saw the red numbers on the "Friends" icon. Sometimes take  4 or 5 days to get confirmed your request.

But another case when the you have been on Facebook from time to time, and you would like to add a lot of new friends. Some of them also agreed to press confirmed while others do not confirm.

If you want to know Friends you added but no Confirmation you can do as below:

Log in to your Facebook account, then click on the "Friends" icon in the upper right-hand side.

Then click "See All" at the bottom of the list Friend

Next, click "View Sent Requests."

You really see the list of people who have not Confirmed a proposal to make friends in Facebook.

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