How to convert Audio or Video files via VLC Media Player

Previously, mobile phone and computer users have ever encountered a problem of music and video files that could not play on their phones and computers because of the type of file could not support.

Our previous solution was to use plug-ins to convert it. Convert always demanded License (need to buy) so that it can be used. At this point, for who already knew about Crack it's not a big problem, but if you do not know how, it became a headache.

Now no longer a problem if you have VLC Media Player program, which so far used mostly for watching video. In fact, the VLC Media Player app comes with a function that can convert music and video for free.

So you do not need to spend money or Crack program. Follow each step in the video below to Convert Videos:

To download the application free to use, please click here (for Windows - for Mac OS X, Linux and other OS)!

Note: Convert run faster or slower depending on the speed of your computer and the type of video or music, which I Convert.

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