How to find out the fake and real iPhone 6 with 3 simple ways

You may have some confusion because of the fake iPhone 6 is produced with the same design to the actual iPhone (original) However, at some point is not completely the same, that you can identify.
The following is a big 3-point difference between real and fake iPhone 6:

1) The real iPhone 6 logo (original) is flat and has a dark color, unlike the fake iPhone 6 is portal and white and bright

2) The fake iPhone 6 cover is slightly darker than the actual iPhone 6

3) Stripes on the cover of the iPhone 6 is originally light gray color, while the fake iPhone 6 is bold.

Besides different the 3 major points above the actual iPhone 6 and fake iPhone 6 have other noticeable notes such as: iPhone 6 original has lightning socket and headphone socket smaller and even different thickness fake iPhone 6 shape slightly thicker than the iPhone original hole camera and LED camera.

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