How to help treat naturally high blood pressure with 7 simple plants

High blood pressure that many people around the world called the silent killer or Hypertension is a disease that has killed many people tragically. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, young adults in the United States about 1/3 high face with high blood pressure problem. Factors that lead to the disease is due to stress, lack of food that contains enough nutrients and less exercise.

When high blood pressure, it will be a risk to health, such as patients is at risk heart with attacks, stroke and kidney disease and more symptoms.

I have read some articles and I found out some ways that could help treat for those is with high blood pressure naturally.So, I would like to introduce some of them, below are the 7 natural plants that are counted to be benefit to help treat high blood pressure.

Actually, all of these 7 plants do not help treat high blood pressure to a recovery, but can help lower blood pressure (the articles said).

1) Kitchen or March mint

It is an aromatic plant that can help reduce high blood pressure. You can eat fresh leaves mixed with soup or sauce. Good thing if you have high blood pressure, you should plant at your yard and it regularly.

2) Coconut magnolia, Dwarf magnolia


You should eat as often as patients with high blood pressure, particularly those diabetes symptoms appear. You can drink coffee, mixed with it a bit also.

3) Cardamom


It is found mostly in India and South asian people like to mix with. Previous research which shows that eating food with cardamom will make blood pressure decrease.

4) Garlic


It's not only a species which is necessary to make the food taste good, but it can also help decrease blood pressure as well.

5) Hanging flower


This type of plants can help to lower blood pressure down, but experts said that the use is limited because if eating too much will make affect not good on health. They can be fed with hot water as tea.

6) Cocoa


Many studies have shown that eating black chocolate or cocoa, which is rich in substance flavonol, which can help reduce blood pressure. Consume about 50 grams of Cacoa per day can reduce blood pressure of 2-3 mm Hg. What you should be careful is that cocoa or black chocolate is contained caffeine and sugar, so you should eat more than 400 grams per day, it will increase your blood pressure and high glucose.

7) Fresh Coffee


Fresh coffee refers to coffee that will pick out the fruit has not yet been taken. This newly picked coffee contain acids that can help reduce high blood pressure. Blue coffee can also help weight loss as well.

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