How to help you get very fresh and beautiful in every morning in 10 simple ways

This for all women who would like to have great beauty and fresh in very morning, I have read some article on this things and I found out some ways that seem to be very helpful with making you fresh and beautiful during you get up in the morning

1. Stop having orange juice, red wine, coffee, and chocolate before bedtime

Because caffeine and sugar will stimulate the body to act and cause hardly to sleep. It also can make you too tired, fatigued because you can't sleep well. The wine may be slightly stronger for the ladies, if you want, just have it a little bit amount that can make you sleep well, but do not overdose otherwise it can cause headaches and opaque when you wake up.

2. Meditation before bedtime 

Meditation about 10-20 minutes before bedtime, you will help you resolve the difficulty of sleeping problem, it will help you to sleep well.


3. Keep bedroom window open

It will make you bedroom fresh and let the natural air come into the room, this way also will help you wake up freshly and beautifully.

4. Do not sleep in face down manner 

Because when you sleep like that, the pillows will make you have wrinkles on the face, and when sleep duration is such a long sleep, wrinkles will come out on your face when you wake up.

5. Sleep on higher pillow that can make your head a bit higher 

Choose modest-sized pillow is not too high or low, because if we sleep with our head is equal to or lower than the body, the water in the body could make your face swollen.

6. Do not go to bed when your face still has make up 

This point is very important for women, despite how tired you are, you must also rushed to wash your makeup on the face before bedtime.

7. Moisturizing your hair with hair Conditioning

Apply it slightly on hair before bedtime, it will make the hair still pretty when you wake up in the morning

8. Choose pillow sheets made of silk 

It will be able to help reduce wrinkles on our face if you like side sleeping way

9. Laundry your pillow sheets at least once a week 

Dirt on the pillow sheets can affect your face skin to be wrinkle, so it's better to wash it once a week.

10. Enough sleep 

You must sleep at least 8 hours a day, for the young women do not have to sleep less than 6 hours a day otherwise when you wake up in the morning your face become dim.

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