How to listen to music that can help increase your productivity

Listening to music is really useful for relaxation, relieving stress, discharging complex and improving productivity. But, according to the study by scientists suggesting that if you listen to the right type of music that suits best for yourself, it will be able to increase your productivity.

This is the best way that suggesting by scientists for you choose to listen to the right music that can work for you well:

1. Music or songs that have a natural voice

Researchers at Renselaer Polytechnic Institute recently found that adding whatever nature will help boost mood and concentration. Natural voice could have the mental ability to increase performance results.

2. Listen to your favorite music or song

Assistant professor Teresa Lesiuk, a musical part of the University of Miamy found that personal choice to listen to music is important, especially for those who use the skills and innovation. In general, in her study who have been listening to music that they like, it increases their work quickly and have a better idea than those who listen to music they do not like, because music stimulates better. She added that when you feel stressed, you'll probably make a decision by the hesitant, but when you are fresh, it will be able to make you easier in decision.

3. Listen to music or songs that you do not care about it

The study also shows the different above, but the same can also be effective. If you're listening to music that was not a kind of noisy and the music that you do not pay attention, it can also help boost the work. Fu Jen researchers in Xinzhuang University, Taiwan, he found that staff who listen to the music they liked and they are not interested in can be the same effective.

4. Listen to the song without sub title

According to the findings of a management voice of the University of Cambridge in 2008, said the speech disturbance to 48 per cent in the workplace, and when you try to listen to music with reading sub title and then you're going to try to listen to the words that are not listening to music or songs, and it will disruptions your feelings as well.

5. The speed of songs or music

The speed of the music is also influenced your music listening as well. A study by researchers in Canada found that a better level of IQ for participants, which has listened to faster music. So the speed of the music is also helping you work well.

6. Listening to music or songs in average

Researchers from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver and the University of Charlottesville University found that listening to music in the medium level can also increase creativity. While the study found that the sound levels are too high, will reduce the ability to obtain interference from outside.

Let's listen to the music of such natural flow of the following and what do you feel?

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