How to protect effectively you PC's battery last longer in 13 simple ways

Before deciding to buy a laptop (personal computer), make sure you read, understand that buying to make it easier to take with because battery on existing energy sources can be used anywhere in a period of 2 to 3 hours or more. Any new computer early have fairly long battery life but when used from time to time, the battery will soon weaken or dead.

 Below are some tips that will help your PC's battery can last longer life, that can help you to save some money also.

1) Set your PC's battery to be Power saver

In the form, the battery is set already to help saving a laptop battery level while you using it.

2) Turn off the connectors

Device, disc, CD or DVD and socket connector (Port), that is not required or necessary to avoid spending strong energy on them that leading the battery become weak.

Bluetooth on the laptop seems to be less demand to use. Some users (enable) without interest. If it is obsolete and should be turned off to save battery life. The wireless is the same if not WiFi connection to use the Internet, should be closed.

3) Close links (wireless Bluetooth)

Bluetooth on the laptop seems to be less demand to use. Some users enable it without interest. If it is bsolete and should be turned off to save battery life. The wireless is the same if having noWiFi connection to use the Internet, should be closed.


4) Defraging the hard drive

Defrag is a sort document (file), all data on the disk storage (Hard Dirve) in order to blog, and file types that are in each sector. Doing so is easy to search to find something fast, because no matter the application or operating system to work is to additional file support program or operating system to be able to commit to.

Commonly on the Hard Disk there are some file copies in, and delete out, and make the sector the remaining storage space to make the space and data until Windows Search program finished, takes a long time, which is why making the cost of battery life.

(Note: When Defrage Plug Adapter slot so that it draws energy from the battery very quickly lead to damage).

5) Shut down the computer by using the Shut down or hibernate is better than use of standby or Sleep

Standby or Sleep When laptop hardware, a large number are still running while using Hibernate are the better choices because they can This is also a good method enables long battery life and avoid damage or battery can reach other affected Hardware.

6) Settings on the Settings drop-resolution, screen settings, background light and sound management (Speaker)

If the screen is not OLED laptop using a white background for making batteries. It is best to use a blank sound management and good enough to avoid hearing loud battery can also lead to useless the light, though not drop to less battery should also be thinking about the health of the eye, because that too much light can affect eyes.
Screen resolution should drop enough to be used in simple work, and not to spend too much battery power.

7) Close the application (app) and process (Process), which do not need to:

Observe the programs that do not open or open automatically when the computer first, then shut down all in order to save battery life. For example, Skype and Yahoo Messenger, so should disable automatic process (process) by going to disable the Run and type "msconfig" (for Windows 7) and into " Startup "tab and look for the process of closing any program that wants unchecked ready.

8) Avoid use multiple applications at the same time if necessary

Though busy job and you open different work but you can not do at the same time. So should follow the order by opening the program to use only one or two applications. Avoid another game is a moment, a moment that makes damage the battery.

9) Avoid using it till become too hot (Use fan below) 

Laptop battery is made of chemistry, if it is overheating will cause damage battery or explode. Temperature environment also should not be overlooked, and if want to keep temperatures should use laptop fan under it.

10) Do not use a laptop on a pillow, blanket, or other soft surfaces, because the computer can not emit heat comes out

Must avoid that ways to use your PC ,because it will affect not only the battery broken but also hardware will soon break completely .

11) Maintenance battery

Maintenance want to talk about laptop battery charging methods. Most users do not pay attention at this point. Removal charging when it is not full or using it while is charging is led to damage battery. Laptop will not be used until the battery charging off.

12) Using the battery and portable battery charger

Laptop use outside sometimes impute looks inappropriate when charging at public places or shops. Please, some lack an electrical outlet socket. So if there is a battery or other portable battery charger is better.

13) When buying a laptop should choose the 8-cell battery and questioned two vendors about its quality and ensure precise

This is the battery power level, which can make you regret later. Some have a 6-cell battery, but just not completely. In particular, if the 8-cell level more reliable.

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