How to translate entire website to some languages you want with Google Translate Browser Button

Although Google Translate now available in many different languages and also has some shortages.You most always used Google Translate by copying their articles and translation. This such method is very simple but slow. In this, I would like to introduce you a new approach guides for all of you that would like to translate website to your languages. Some of you probably already know that we use Translate _buttons to translate the entire website once. See how:
- First, go to the Address:
- You will see a button multiple languages .

You can choose any language you want Google translate (for here I choose Khmer), you just click on the languages you would like (don't unleashed mouse) and dragged them to put on the Bookmark Bar. See the figure below:

After adding Go to Bookmark Bar, and then you can open any website to test whether Google Translate Button can be translated or not. See the figure below:
When opened a website and then finally you just click on the Google Translate Button Bookmark   Already happened once. See below for better understanding:
As a result of the above image is able to confirm that Google Translate Button can really work well and provide convenience to you. Try by yourself.

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