Meal, Entertainment, and Sport at Mlub Mean Canteen, Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh: Saving money and time and do not have to walk far to find packages of entertainment in a place such as small kiosk to relax and eat,  hammocks relaxing, swimming pool for both young and older people, steam, sauna with hot water and cold water pool, ping pong and bodybuilding gym and tennnis with a reasonable price and the most affordable, you do not need to go away.

Absolutely everything for the trip at the weekend and special evetn comes to Mlub Mean, which is located in the suburbs of Phnom Penh, despite the side of the road conditions deteriorate and congestion Monivong Bridge shortly.
Daily for food in the canteen Mlub Mean can serve customers as orders, including grilled chicken coconut grilled chicken, Coca grilled chicken, ABC beer grilled fish or chicken, vegetables, roast beef, fried pork and vegetables fried duck and hot chicken soup....more, and deserts

There, it has total 7 small kiosk with thatched rood  which can accommodate from 8 to 10 people each. It also has 2 VIP room for guests who would like to have banquet as family reunion or friends, from 8 am to 9 pm .

Parents just pay only $ 2 for children and $ 3 more for themselves that has a lot of benefits such soaking in warm water, cold water pool, steam sauna, gym and sports facilities.
To reach that place just travel to Chba Ampov Monivong bridge, about 300 - 400 meters and then turn right to the road towards meeting Vong Pagoda, and then other distance of 400-500 meters to the entrance gate of hospital May 16 and department of passport, at the right it is Mlub Mean..

Swimming salty water pool and relaxing along Mekong river resort... 

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