The best Khmer traditional dish-Teuk Kreoung sauce with vegetable

There are many famous foods in Cambodia that was recognized by international travelers in the world and you can find them from restaurants around in the cities of Cambodia such as Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Battambang...

But a dish I am showing in this article, it is really Khmer traditional dish that is very famous among Cambodian people around Cambodia, and mostly it is not found in restaurants.

This special dish is called Teuk Kreoung. Teuk means Water and Kreoung means many seasoning mixed together that become sauce.

The sauce is made of fish, some seasonings, Prahok (preserved smelly fish- Khmer favorite), some herbs mixed together and become very special dish ever.

This dish is considered also the most nutritious foods among other foods in Cambodia, because it is eaten with vegetables as the picture.

This dish has not been mentioned among other famous dishes in Cambodia such as Amok, Curry...,but it is very special for its own people. Most of tourists do not like fish, or the smell of Khmer fish Prahok.

Would like to try this, if you go to Siem Reap and staying at the Khmer homestay with Khmer family, or a tour in Kratie province, you can ask them to prepare this dish for you, they will do 

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